Case Study: Trilogy-Net Inc. Solves PCB Manufacturing Challenge with C-Lite from Tethon 3D and Mechnano

3D Printed C-Lite proven for reflow applications by Trilogy-Net after 50 passes through Vapor Phase Reflow or Conventional Convection Reflow or Wave Soldering and no melting, softening, warping, cracking, or shrinking. C-Lite is the solution for low-volume, non-standard PCB electrostatic discharge (ESD) tooling.

Case Study: Unlocking the Advantages of xESD for Semiconductor Component Carrier Fabrication

To address lengthy lead times and high cost associated with machined parts, a manufacturer of ultra-miniature semiconductor components, decided to explore the potential of Additive Manufacturing (AM).

Revving Up Efficiency: Leveraging Formula1B to Build ESD-Safe Trays for SMD Components

Precision machined ESD trays are crucial for safely transporting components in the manufacturing process of ultra-miniature SMDs. These trays are time-consuming to fabricate using precision machining, taking about 8 weeks to complete. Traditional manufacturing methods for these trays have caused a bottleneck in introducing new products to the market.

Accelerating PCB Manufacturing: Creation Technologies’ Use of Formula1B for Conformal Coating Caps Production

The electronic manufacturing industry is constantly seeking innovative solutions to optimize precision, speed, and cost-efficiency. This case study sheds light on Creation Tech’s pursuit of a more efficient alternative to the laborious masking process for conformal coating.