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Mechnano’s technology, known as D’Func, is centered around the integration of discrete, dispersed, and functionalized carbon nanotubes into AM materials. By harnessing the power of D’Func, Mechnano pushes the boundaries of material properties, surpassing previous limitations. We started with ESD, delivering static dissipative properties to AM parts to benefit industries such as electronics manufacturing, transportation, and medical devices.

Enhance your resins with our D’Func Masterbatches or purchase ready-to-use AM materials. Please reach out to us to discuss Formulator and White Label options at

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Enhance the performance of resins by using Masterbatches based on D’Func. These stable dispersions of discrete carbon nanotubes (CNTs) enable effective electrostatic dissipation in UV-curable formulations used in vat photopolymerization or jettable formulations, eliminating the requirement of high shear mixing.


  • Ideal for rigid formulas
  • Tunable resistivity 104-109


  • 2.5X concentration vs E35B
  • Ideal for rigid formulas
  • Tunable resistivity 106-1011


  • 4X concentration vs E35B
  • Ideal for tough, flexible, elastic
  • Tunable resistivity 105-1011


Enhance your workflow by leveraging resins empowered by D’Func technology. Developed to seamlessly integrate with vat photopolymerization machines operating within the wavelength range of 355-415 nm without the need for continuous resin mixing.


  • Rigid
  • Isotropic Surface Resistance 106-10
  • Tensile Strength 80-95 MPa
  • No carbon trails


  • Rigid
  • Processable on BMF S240 and S350
  • Isotropic Surface Resistance 106-10
  • No carbon trails


  • High Temperature Resistance (up to 250°C)
  • Isotropic Surface Resistance 106-10
  • Tensile Strength 60-70 MPa
  • No carbon trails

Tough ESD

  • Impact Resistance 40-50 J/m
  • Isotropic Surface Resistance 106
  • Elongation at Break of 35-45%
  • HDT (1.82 MPa) 80°C


High-Tear Resistance


PK ESD Powder

  • ESD Laser Sintering Powder
  • Isotropic Surface Resistance 10
  • Impact Resistance >100 J/m
  • Elongation at Break of 45-50%

PC ESD Pellets

  • ESD pellets for FFF or Pellet Extrusion AM
  • Isotropic Surface Resistance 10
  • HDT (1.82MPa) 170°C
  • No carbon trails

Elastomeric ESD – Coming in 2024