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Starting With our ESD Formula1

3d resin printed with ESD

Our First Product: Electrostatic Dissipative Photopolymer Resin

Mechnano’s Formula1 uses our proprietary technology (MechT) to deliver static dissipative properties to 3D printed parts without compromising mechanical performance.

  • Yield Strength +20%
  • Young’s Modulus +27%
  • UTS +8%
  • Impact +60%
  • No carbon trails
  • Isotropic ESD performance
  • No need for continuous resin mixing

(ESD now. Conductivity and rad hard coming soon.)

Bringing profound potential to AM in the ESD market.

Photopolymers Developed for ESD

MechT allows fabrication of ESD protective packaging, workstations, and equipment using existing laser-based, DLP and LCD additive manufacturing processes without compromising mechanical performance.

Mechnano’s static dissipative AM resins will benefit industries such as defense, electronics manufacturing, service bureaus, among others.

All possible because of MechT and Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon Nanotubes ENABLE the Power of MechT


1991: Carbon Nanotubes Discovered

100 times stronger than steel, 1,000 times higher current capacity compared to copper, and 10,000 times smaller than human hair. Unfortunately, their tendency to clump together, prevented achieving carbon nanotube’s technology full potential.


After more than a decade of R&D, Mechnano can process CNTs into MechT - discrete, functionalized, and dispersed CNTs, which improve mechanical, electrical, thermal and other properies.

Our invitation to you

Producing parts? Make them better with MechT. Manufacturing AM machines? Qualify our MechT materials for your equipment. Formulating? Use our masterbatches to develop your own MechT-based AM materials.

MechT unleashes CNT potential in AM materials to achieve extraordinary performance.

Laptop with nanotube rendering

Materials Properties

Mechnano expands, improves and adds properties to AM materials for an unlimited number of applications


ESD, Conductivity, Shielding, EMI Protection, Dielectric Strength, and Rad Hard


Impact, Tensile, Tear Resistance, Lifetime Fatigue, Flexural Strength, and Dimensional Uniformity


Resistance, Conductivity, CTE, Diffusivity, Shielding, and Shock Resistance


Hydrophobicity, Corrosion Resistance, Flammability, Reactivity, Stability, and Overcuring Suppression


Perfect Black, Absorption, Anti-reflective, Tunability, Photo Sensitivity, and Anisotropic Filtering


Paramagnetic, Ferromagnetic, Diamagnetic, Hysteresis, Permeability, and Coercive Force

Excited? Let’s get to work.

Revolutionize Your AM Materials with Mechnano!

We invite companies, service bureaus, formulators and others to add MechT to your AM materials.