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Mechnano Nominated for Prestigious TCT Materials Award for Innovative Laser Sintering Solution

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Mechnano is excited to share that it has been nominated for the prestigious TCT Materials Award for its novel PK ESD solution. This Laser Sintering material showcases a fusion of…

White Paper: A Polymer Powerhouse: Unveiling the Stellar Advantages of Polyketone for Additive Manufacturing of ESD-Safe Components

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In the realm of Additive Manufacturing (AM), a variety of materials are accessible for the creation of durable and functional parts. One such material, Polyketone (PK), has emerged as a…

Celebrate Innovation by Supporting Olga “Dr.O” Ivanova for the TCT Women in 3D Printing Innovator Award!

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Mechnano proudly announces the nomination of Olga "Dr. O" Ivanova, Director of Applications & Technology at Mechnano, for the prestigious TCT Women in 3D Printing Innovator Award. Voting is now…

TCT Awards 2024: Meet the Women in 3D Printing Innovators

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TCT Head of Content Laura Griffiths and Women in 3D Printing President Kristin Mulherin reveal this year's TCT Women in 3D Printing Innovator Award finalists in a panel session exploring…
miniature components

White Paper: Maximizing Manufacturing Efficiency – The Benefits of DLP 3D Printing for Miniature ESD Components Fabrication

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The emergence of Additive Manufacturing (AM) has been fueled by its ability to transform digital designs into physical objects. Unlike conventional manufacturing techniques, which involve complex tooling and machining processes,…

TCT Group: Mechnano’s Olga Ivanova: ‘We’re trying to break the mould of mould makers’

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On this episode of the Additive Insight podcast, we’re joined by Mechnano Director of Technology Olga Ivanova. Ivanova joined Mechnano in 2021, while the company was still in stealth, and…

ESD within precision additive manufacturing

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Podcast: ESD within precision additive manufacturing

Bomar and Mechnano Release T50B Low Viscosity Masterbatch for 3D Resins

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Mechnano, in partnership with Bomar, has released the all-new T50B masterbatch, a specialized lower viscosity product aimed at Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry formulators. The Masterbatch uses Mechnano's proprietary technology, known…

Bomar and Mechnano Unveil E35B+ Masterbatch for ESD 3D Resins

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Mechnano, in partnership with Bomar, has launched a new E35B+ masterbatch in Bomar’s BR-952 oligomer, specifically designed for formulators in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry. The Masterbatch uses Mechnano's proprietary…

David Torp from Mechnano at Productroncica 2023

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Chloe O'Brien speaks to David Torp from Mechnano at productronica 2023 in Munich, Germany.

Outgassing Tests Successful for C-Lite ESD Resin

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The award-winning “C-Lite” vat photopolymerization resin, developed in partnership with Tethon3D, has successfully passed NASA ASTM E595-77/84/90 outgassing tests. C-Lite is a high-temperature resistant ESD material, designed for SLA, DLP…

Mechnano Receives 2023 Mexico Technology Award for “C-Lite” ESD Material

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Mechnano is excited to announce that it has been recognized with the 2023 Mexico Technology Award in the ESD Materials category for “C-Lite” vat photopolymerization resin developed in partnership with…

Formula1 and Tough ESD Resins Qualify for Burms Miicraft Machines

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Leading 3D printing manufacturer Burms has qualified two Mechnano resins, Formula1 and Tough ESD, for integration with their Miicraft 3D printer series. “We are pleased to confirm that after thorough…

Boston Micro Fabrication Qualifies Mechnano Formula1µ for 10 and 25 Micron Printers

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To support additional material options for its customers, Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) has qualified Mechnano’s Formula1µ resin for use in its 10 micron S240 printers and the company’s newest 3D…

Mechnano’s SLS Material “PK ESD” Now Approved for Farsoon Machines

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Farsoon, a global manufacturer and supplier of industrial-level polymer and metal laser sintering systems, has approved Mechnano’s PK ESD on their 252P Series and Flight 403P Series machines. Mechnano’s laser…

Mechnano Introduces new ESD compliant polymers

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Mechnano's ESD range of polymers come in different textures from rigid to semi-flexible to flexible. Typical applications include solder pallets and jigs, as well as many other products, fixtures and…

Mechnano Announces ESD Powder Solution Based on Jabil PK 5000

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Mechnano is pleased to announce its first Laser Sintering powder “PK ESD” that utilizes its breakthrough technology, D’Func (Discrete, Dispersed, and Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes). This newest offering to Mechnano’s growing…

Mechnano Polycarbonate ESD Release and Validation on ARBURG 3D Printers

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PC ESD Pellets parts printed on the ARBURG Freeformer ARBURG, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plastic processing machines, has successfully printed Mechnano’s new Polycarbonate Thermoplastic pellets with static…

Mechnano Brings D’Func to Carbon Nanotube Technology

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Mechnano has trademarked its proprietary process that eliminates clumped and roped carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and makes CNT dispersions discrete, dispersed, and functionalized, leading to increased electrical and mechanical performance in…

Mechnano Delivers the First Nano-Uniform ESD, High-Temp 3D-Printable Resin For Quick-Turn Soldering Processes

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The electronics industry can be more agile when handling bespoke customer requests by using additive manufacturing (AM), commonly known as 3D printing, to fabricate ESD parts to support the reflow…

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