Won’t You Take Me To Funkytown?

We’d say that Funkytown is where the magic happens, but that’s not entirely true. The magic happens in the fascinating brains of our super-smart scientists. Funkytown, located at Arizona State University’s Polytechnic campus, is where all Mechnano’s research, development and production take place.

So let’s talk about it talk about it talk about it talk about it

It’s a place to keep you ‘movin, keep you ‘groovin with some energy. The speakers are always playing funky music and all the pieces of equipment have fun names.

  • “Bucky” is our buchner filter, the last piece of equipment we use in our process. Named after Captain America’s best friend Bucky Bares, he’s with us ‘till the end of the line.
  • “Whiskey” is our distillery machine, helping us recycle all the alcohol we use as solvents.
  • “Turk” is the name of grinder, named after Tarzan’s best friend and adopted cousin, because…well, because it’s a cool name.

Why do you call it Funkytown?

Oh. We haven’t explained that yet? Hah. You were probably thinking it was just our excellent taste in music, weren’t you? You’ll be happy to know there’s a very scientific reason behind our lab’s name.

We call it “Funkytown,” because it’s where we work with Funky Flakes, of course.

…what are Funky Flakes?

Now we’re getting into the science! When Mechnano scientists modify CNTs with our process, we attach a functional agent to make the tubes useful. These carbon nanotubes are functionalized to create specific properties in the end resin. Then we dry them into flakes.

In the name of efficiency and our sanity, we shortened “oxidized functionalized carbon nanotubes” to “Funky Flakes.”

Bucky machine in Mechnano lab

What makes Funkytown special?

Funkytown’s motto is, “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” We’ve changed the simplest parts (molecular structure) of the smallest (carbon) objects to bring great changes to the world. We practice this motto in our lives as well, and we look for people who have the integrity and determination to improve the greater good through their daily actions. Funkytown isn’t just a place; it’s an attitude of kindness and giving.