PC ESD Pellets

Through its groundbreaking discrete, dispersed, and functionalized carbon nanotube technology, D’Func, Mechnano offers Polycarbonate Thermoplastic pellets with static dissipative properties, known as “PC ESD.”

PC ESD pellets allow printers to fabricate static-dissipative parts with advanced properties, opening new doors for additive manufacturing, particularly in industries where ESD is of extreme importance in either the production process or final product.

Mechnano’s proprietary technology, D’Func, detangles, separates, and functionalizes CNTs, then disperses them into the polycarbonate thermoplastic which is then pelletized to work on printers such as ARBURG’s Freeformer.  Unlike other CNT-enhanced materials, Mechnano’s PC ESD pellets are unique in ensuring homogeneous electrical properties. Mechnano’s nano-engineered dispersions eliminate CNT agglomerations that yield inconsistent static dissipation, allowing for 100% ESD coverage with precise ESD values (vs. ranges) being achieved.

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