Intro and Challenges
The electronic manufacturing industry is constantly seeking innovative solutions to optimize precision, speed, and cost-efficiency. This case study sheds light on Creation Tech’s pursuit of a more efficient alternative to the laborious masking process for conformal coating. The company sought to develop custom conformal coating caps that would address key requirements such as ESD safety, snug fit for component protection, and chemical resistance for repeated use.

Solution and Results
Creation Tech has selected Mechnano’s Formula1B ESD Additive Manufacturing (AM) resin as the ideal choice for fabrication of conformal coating caps and other components requiring ESD protection. The unique discrete CNT dispersion in Formula1B guarantees consistent and reliable static dissipation, along with chemical resistance against common cleaners – enabling the fabrication of reusable caps that maintain their effectiveness even after multiple uses.

By implementing Formula1B caps, Creation Tech has experienced substantial improvements in both throughput and cost efficiency. The utilization of these caps has resulted in an 88% reduction in time compared to masking, enabling the company to meet the necessary precision, speed, and cost-effectiveness in its manufacturing operations.

“Using Formula1B to print our conformal coating caps is helping tremendously. On our typical runs of 550 boards, we are seeing time savings 88% (137 hours) over masking with tape,” said Darren Otterwell, Process Engineer at Creation Tech. “Applying these savings across multiple runs will significantly increase Creation Tech’s cost advantage, while freeing up scheduling to fulfill more orders, thus increasing company revenues.”

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