Sample Carrier fabricated using C-Lite

Trilogy-Net often requires personalized carriers or pallets to securely hold non-standard printed wiring assemblies during the reflow process. Using traditional manufacturing techniques to fabricate these components can lead to slower production and higher costs. These carriers must effectively protect electronic components from electrostatic discharge and endure multiple cycles of high-temperature wave soldering, reaching up to 245°C. Moreover, these custom carriers need to meet several additional requirements.

  1. They must maintain dimensional and structural stability without warping, twisting, or bending.
  2. Their electrical properties must remain constant and comply with the ANSI/ESDA S20.20-2021 standard.
  3. The carriers must exhibit chemical compatibility with the fluxes used in wave soldering operations.

Solution and Results
To meet customer requirements, Mechnano used C-Lite rigid static dissipative resin, which offers exceptional resistance to high temperatures, to create a sample carrier. This material was developed by Mechnano in partnership with Tethon3D, with the aim of ensuring its compatibility with an array of vat photopolymerization systems.

Successful flatness test on Reflow Test Part before (right) and after (left) 50 reflow passes.

The incorporation of C-Lite high-temperature ESD resin provided the ideal solution for Trilogy-Net’s requests for low-volume and non-standard part requests, effortlessly overcoming the limitations of existing part fabrication techniques.

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