Intro and Challenges
Precision machined ESD trays are crucial for safely transporting components in the manufacturing process of ultra-miniature SMDs. These trays are time-consuming to fabricate using precision machining, taking about 8 weeks to complete. Additionally, each tray costs over $700, making it a significant investment for the customer. Traditional manufacturing methods for these trays have caused a bottleneck in introducing new products to the market.

Solution and Results
After finding new ESD resin options for vat photopolymerization, the customer wanted to try this technology. However, their investigation of one SLA resin in the market gave unsatisfactory results. Despite improved resolution, the parts had inconsistencies, poor feature resolution, and surface resistance issues. Determined to leverage AM, the customer kept looking for the best material and process for ESD trays manufacturing. They discovered Mechnano’s Formula1B, which worked well on different vat photopolymerization systems. The results surpassed expectations, with fine resolution, accuracy, and uniform ESD readings.

The Customer chose Formula1B/DLP for in-house fabrication of ESD parts instead of outsourced machining. With Formula1B, lead times were reduced from 8 weeks to 2 hours and fabrication costs decreased from $700 to $80 per pallet. This transition greatly expedited NPI cycles and reduced time to market.

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