The award-winning “C-Lite” vat photopolymerization resin, developed in partnership with Tethon3D, has successfully passed NASA ASTM E595-77/84/90 outgassing tests. C-Lite is a high-temperature resistant ESD material, designed for SLA, DLP and LCP Additive Manufacturing (AM) systems. C-Lite is able to withstand temperatures of up to 225-degrees Celsius (437-degrees Fahrenheit), which opens the door to diverse applications that demand durability at high temperatures.

The successful completion of the outgassing tests brings promising prospects for AM, particularly in the fields of optics and electronics that operate in high temperature, low pressure environments or both.

“Non-metallic materials like polymers, adhesives, and rubbers release gasses, vapors, or volatile compounds when exposed to a heat and/or vacuum environments,” says Olga “Dr. O” Ivanova, Mechnano’s Director of Applications and Technology. “This phenomenon, known as outgassing, poses challenges as it leads to contamination, pressure fluctuations, and film buildup. Ultimately, this compromises the performance of components or renders them inoperable.”

C-Lite meets the criteria set by the NASA ASTM E595-77/84/90 test and qualifies as a non-outgassing material. Test results included: TML – 0.7%; CVCM: 0.02%; and water vapor recovery: 0.13%.

“C-Lite stands out for its impressive thermal and static-dissipative properties, alongside being a non-outgassing material. These attributes render it a highly desirable choice for various electronics applications, spanning from satellites and space-based equipment to medical devices and systems,” added Dr. Ivanova.

“The unique properties and potential of manufacturing with carbon nanotube (CNT) photopolymer materials truly excites us. Our collaboration with Mechnano has allowed us to address the industry demand in developing this high-performance material. We foresee broad industry applications that will expand and elevate global additive manufacturing.”- says Trent Allen, CEO of Tethon 3D.

For more information about C-Lite capabilities, contact Mechnano.

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