Leading 3D printing manufacturer Burms has qualified two Mechnano resins, Formula1 and Tough ESD, for integration with their Miicraft 3D printer series.

“We are pleased to confirm that after thorough examination and research, Mechnano materials, known for their exceptional qualities, have been identified as highly suitable options for our MiiCraft 3D printers,” said Karen Kololyan, Burms E-Commerce Manager.  “These materials hold the promise of elevating our 3D printing projects to a new level, and we are delighted that they have been validated for use with our MiiCraft 3D printers.”

Parts built on MiiCraft machines using Mechnano’s resin

Burms offers a selection of five Miicraft machines, which notably includes a large platform printer that boasts exceptional build volumes of up to 255×235×190mm (125µm pixel size) and 250×140×190mm (65µm pixel size). The Miicraft series is powered by a high-definition LED light engine with digital optical technology that enables fast build speeds and delivers exceptional print details. The printers are suitable for mass customization and professional applications. The integration of Mechnano’s Formula1 and Tough ESD broadens the range of engineering resins available for Miicraft machines, adding to their capabilities.

“Burms Miicraft machines are highly advantageous for individuals seeking fast and detailed printing coupled with ESD capabilities,” said Dr. Olga Ivanova, Mechnano Director of Applications & Technology. “Mechnano takes great pride in our commitment to developing resins of exceptional quality. It is truly rewarding to receive the industry recognition that comes with our resins being qualified on top-tier machines.”

Mechnano’s Formula1 and Tough ESD resins incorporate the company’s exclusive discrete Carbon Nanotube technology, known as D’Func. These resins enable the production of high-resolution and nano-uniform static dissipative parts by offering exceptional isotropic characteristics and eliminating concerns of carbon sloughing. Formula1 resin is an excellent choice for fabricating rigid parts, while Tough ESD is designed to address applications that involve extensive use and require a more flexible solution to prevent breakage. Combined with the advanced Miicraft 3D printers, these resins offer a rapid, cost-effective, and efficient solution for manufacturing static dissipative parts, transforming the landscape of the industry.

The benefits of Formula1 and Tough ESD include:

  • Isotropic and precise surface & volume resistance
  • Excellent surface finish
  • High tolerance fabrication
  • Absence of carbon sloughing

For more information or to order any Mechnano resin, contact Mechnano.


About Burms

Burms provides professional 3D printing services including 3D data creation and preparation (CAD, scan, conversion, repair). The company has a product portfolio of industry leading 3D printers. Learn more at www.burms.de.

About Mechnano

Mechnano is an Additive Manufacturing (AM) materials company, pioneering the integration of discrete, dispersed, and functionalized Carbon Nanotubes into AM materials. The company’s proprietary technology, D’Func, empowers advancements in the properties of virtually all types of AM materials, surpassing previously perceived limitations. Based in Arizona, United States, the company is backed by over a decade of research and development and protected by over 130 process and composition of matter patents. D’Func, enables enhancements in critical areas, including but not limited to, static dissipation, impact resistance, tear resistance, and tensile strength. Learn more at mechnano.com and LinkedIn.