Join Mechnano at RAPID + TCT for our presentation on “Nano Engineering for Additive Manufacturing Materials: Crushing the Formulation Improvement Wall” with CEO Steven Lowder and Director of Technology Olga Ivanova, PhD. (aka “Dr. O”). We’ll discuss the importance of nano engineering CNTs before adding them to AM materials, turning them from an agglomerated state to discrete, functionalizing them for performance, and matching the system’s thermodynamics for proper dispersion.

The session will be May 17, 2022 at 11 AM.

Learning Objectives:

  • The audience will be introduced to the field of nanoengineering and its applications in additive manufacturing.
  • The audience will learn the types of nanomaterials, methods for nanoengineering the materials, and the methods of incorporating nanoengineered materials into AM feedstock such as resins, filaments, powders and binders.
  • The advantages of incorporating nanoengineered materials into feedstocks and areas of application will be discussed.