B9Creations has launched an ESD-safe, UV curable resin for use on its 3D printers, powered by Mechnano’s MechT.

“Production-ready additive manufacturing solutions from Mechnano help B9 Core Series systems users move from prototyping to production with ease,” said Shon Anderson, B9Creations CEO. “ESD – Rigid provides an immense benefit to various industries where damage caused by static buildup is a major concern.”

B9Creations’ partnership with nanoengineering company Mechnano leverages the high-throughput, ultra-precision B9 Core Series 3D printers and Mechnano’s discrete, functionalized carbon nanotubes called MechT to deliver high-value materials engineered for specific performance requirements.

ESD – Rigid, with B9Creations’ Core Series 3D printer platform, offers the ultimate solution for electronics manufacturing in verticals ranging from medical device to industrial. ESD – Rigid is ideal for 3D printing electrical connectors and enclosures, SMT pick and place nozzles, custom trays for component handling and storage, jigs and fixtures for electronics manufacturing, and beyond.

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Mechnano’s proprietary MechT technology allows detangled and separated carbon nanotubes to be dispersed throughout an additive manufacturing material without re-clumping. In addition to ESD, the resulting discrete tubes can be tailored to specific performance requirements and deliver previously unattainable performance, such as a 50% increase in tensile strength, 200% increase in toughness, or 850% increase in tear resistance.

“That’s the power of MechT,” said Mechnano President Bryce Keeler. “We’re able to add desired properties—in this case, ESD—without compromising mechanical performance. ESD – Rigid provides a valuable AM solution to highly technical industries. We’re excited MechT is now commercially available for use on the B9 Core Series 3D printers, and we look forward to working with B9Creations to answer the calls of other industries as well.”

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A global provider of agile additive manufacturing solutions, B9Creations serves customers, dealers, and strategic partners through hardware, software, and material solutions for high-precision applications in healthcare, manufacturing, research, model making, jewelry, and more. B9Creations’ customers have printed 30+ million parts on thousands of B9Creations 3D printers in nearly 70 countries around the world.

Mechnano is the first company to fabricate parts with carbon nanotubes using vat photopolymerization systems to achieve static-dissipative properties or improve impact, tear-resistance, and tensile performance. Its technology is backed by over a decade of research and development and protected by over 120+ issued and pending patents.

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About B9Creations
As a global provider of professional 3D printing solutions, B9Creations has become the industry leader in production, speed and value. It now stands as the additive manufacturing market leader in high-precision applications such as medical, jewelry, prototyping and manufacturing, research, and model making. B9Creations serves customers and certified dealers in nearly 70 countries around the globe. Find us online at b9c.com, on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, and LinkedIn.

About Mechnano
Mechnano, a US company based in Arizona, was the first to fabricate parts with discrete carbon nanotubes using vat photopolymerization systems. The company’s proprietary technology, MechT, allows for exponential improvements of nearly all types of AM materials with properties that were previously thought impossible.  Backed by over a decade of research and development and protected by over 120+ issued and pending patents, MechT enables improvements in areas such as static dissipation, impact, tear resistance, and tensile. Learn more at mechnano.com and LinkedIn.