This 3D printed lattice features ESD properties and was tested in a furnace at 225-degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. The lattice did not deform in the heat and maintained the ESD material characteristics provided through Mechnano’s proprietary MechT.

Tethon 3D, leveraging Mechnano’s MechT, successfully created a high-temperature resistant ESD material, printable on SLA, DLP and LCP Additive Manufacturing (AM) printers. Using Mechnano’s E35A Masterbatch for static dissipative (ESD) properties from Dymax in combination with its own formulas, Tethon 3D created an ESD resin that can withstand temperatures of up to 225-degrees Celsius (437-degrees Fahrenheit).

“Our material scientist found it straightforward to integrate the MechT enabled E35A masterbatch from Dymax to quickly create a high-temp ESD resin,” said Tethon 3D CEO Trent Allen. “The experts at Mechnano were very helpful and have a deep understanding of nanomaterial science and chemistry. We have plans to integrate additional versions of MechT into our resins to improve mechanical, electrical and thermal properties.”

Tethon and Mechnano worked together to quickly integrate E35A with Tethon’s existing resins, taking about six weeks from the initial conversations to the enhanced resin release. “This is a great example of how our discrete carbon nanotube technology is a game changer for the additive manufacturing industry,” said Mechnano CEO Steve Lowder. “E35A Masterbatch provides ESD benefits to existing materials, such as the high-temp resin provided by Tethon 3D.”

The ESD-enhanced Tethon resin will be in high demand as it addresses challenges in a number of manufacturing and production applications in multiple industries including electronic manufacturing, automotive and more. The ESD-enhanced Tethon resin is undergoing additional testing and is expected to soon be available to all SLA, DLP and LCD users.

Mechnano is the first company to fabricate parts with carbon nanotubes using vat photopolymerization systems to achieve static-dissipative properties or improve impact, tear resistance and tensile performance. Its technology is backed by over a decade of research and development and protected by over 100+ issued and pending patents.

Tethon 3D is an industry leader in discovering valuable uses for 3D printing, with an emphasis on ceramic materials that provide solutions for diverse industrial, consumer and design industries.