Future Curling Champions

Did you know that asphalt in Phoenix gets to 180°F in the summer? That’s a temperature that can literally burn bare feet. But even with shoes, the heat will eventually transfer inside the shoe and get your feet rather toasty. What’s a good remedy for hot feet? Standing on 25°F ice for a couple of hours!

Phoenix is a hot spot, just not for winter sports. While you may have curled before, none of us at Mechnano had any background in the sport other than seeing it on TV during the Winter Olympics. But being lucky enough to have a curling facility in neighboring Tempe, we decided to make a team bonding activity out of finding out just how to curl while beating the Phoenix summer heat.

Bottom line? You won’t see any of us competing in Italy in 2026, but we still had a blast enjoying each other’s company sliding on the curling rink for some fun-filled team building!