Photocentric, inventor of LCD-based 3D printing, has teamed up with Mechnano to produce a nanoengineered resin providing Electrostatic discharge (ESD) properties ideally suited to electronics manufacturing. Paired with Photocentric’s 3D printing expertise, the solution is perfect for the additive manufacturing of parts such as IC Trays, Part Retrievers, Grippers, ESD hand tools, and more.

“We’re delighted to partner with Mechnano to deliver what we believe will be a terrific innovation for the electronics manufacturing industry when paired with our proficiency in resin development,” says Paul Anfinson, CEO of Photocentric USA 3D Inc. “Damage caused by ESD is a huge issue in this sector, and this solves a previous challenge when it came to additive manufacturing, with our nanoengineered resin not only strengthening the product but also imbuing the material with the necessary ESD properties. The strength of materials can be hindered or compromised by other ESD additives but not with Mechnano’s technology, so we have something truly unique here. The addition of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) opens up many more exciting applications for our additive manufacturing solutions.”

Mechnano’s proprietary MechT technology allows CNTs to be harnessed in additive manufacturing materials, delivering significantly enhanced strength as well as additional key desirable properties. CNTs are harder than diamond, 10,000 times smaller than a human hair, 100 times stronger than steel, and have 1000 times more conductive capacity than copper. Mechnano’s extensive research and development into the technology – costing millions of dollars – has overcome the issue of CNTs becoming clumped in knots, which now allows them to transfer key beneficial properties into resins.

“We’re very excited to be working with Photocentric to share the exceptional material advancements that our innovation can bring to additive manufacturing. Having a robust printer that delivers a strong price-value proposition is ideal for entry into electronics manufacturing market, and that is why they are a perfect partner for this product,” says Bryce Keeler from Mechnano. “Thanks to Photocentric, these ESD parts now can be printed in just a few hours instead of taking weeks or months to machine parts or molds from aluminium, titanium, or composites. We’ve developed a great working relationship with Photocentric and look forward to continuing this as we seek exciting opportunities.”