Additive Manufacturing features Mechnano in their article, “Untangling the Promise of Carbon Nanotubes for 3D Printing.” Senior Editor Stephanie Hendrixson writes:

“When examined at the nano level, the problem looks something like the difference between steel rebar and a cotton ball. The former — strong, straight, laid with intention — speaks to the promise of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), tiny tubes of carbon with the potential to impart their own strength and material properties to broader systems. But the latter — random, jumbled, unplanned — illustrates what has, until recently, been the reality for carbon nanotubes. Despite their potential, CNTs have been largely unworkable as a material additive because of their tendency to clump together, forming tangled masses rather than reinforcing structures.

But no more. Just emerged from stealth mode in May of 2021, Arizona-based startup Mechnano is commercializing carbon nanotube technology for additive manufacturing (AM). Beginning with a UV-curable resin with electrostatic dissipative properties, Formula 1, Mechnano is out to show the AM world the promises and applications for this hitherto unusable material.” Read the full article here.