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Mechnano Featured in Additive Manufacturing’s “Untangling the Promise of Carbon Nanotubes for 3D Printing”

By August 2, 2021August 20th, 2021No Comments

Additive Manufacturing features Mechnano in their article, “Untangling the Promise of Carbon Nanotubes for 3D Printing.” Senior Editor Stephanie Hendrixson writes:

“When examined at the nano level, the problem looks something like the difference between steel rebar and a cotton ball. The former — strong, straight, laid with intention — speaks to the promise of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), tiny tubes of carbon with the potential to impart their own strength and material properties to broader systems. But the latter — random, jumbled, unplanned — illustrates what has, until recently, been the reality for carbon nanotubes. Despite their potential, CNTs have been largely unworkable as a material additive because of their tendency to clump together, forming tangled masses rather than reinforcing structures.

But no more. Just emerged from stealth mode in May of 2021, Arizona-based startup Mechnano is commercializing carbon nanotube technology for additive manufacturing (AM). Beginning with a UV-curable resin with electrostatic dissipative properties, Formula 1, Mechnano is out to show the AM world the promises and applications for this hitherto unusable material.” Read the full article here.