ESD Masterbatches & Formulations

Delivering ESD Properties to Parts Made Through Additive Manufacturing
Mechnano’s extraordinary carbon nanotube functionalization, known as MechT, makes unheard of material properties a reality. We started with ESD, delivering static dissipative properties to 3D-printed parts without compromising mechanical performance.

Resins made with Mechnano’s ESD technology benefit industries such as electronics manufacturing, defense, transportation, and medical device.

What are ESD Materials?
Static Electricity is the build-up of an electrical charge on the surface of an object. Electrostatic Discharge occurs when two surfaces touch & electrons move from one object to another. ESD materials prevent discharge from contact due to charges flowing to ground over their surface or volume in a controlled manner. They are specially formulated to minimize the risk of flame or explosion and protecting miniature electronic parts.

Helping Formulators Create Revolutionary Materials
We are strategically focused on helping formulators create revolutionary materials to empower engineers to maximize their designs and products. Mechnano’s 120+ patents, leading nano-technology and dedication to excellence enables us to provide the highest quality products to our customers.

Add the power of MechT to your resins with our E35A Masterbatch OR purchase a White Label or ready-to-use resin, including Tethon 3D’s C-Lite or our Formula1.

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Mechnano has MechT-enhanced Masterbatches and resins available now for shipping to help formulators and end users create previously impossible materials and parts. Contact us today for partnering or ordering information.

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Mechnano E35A Masterbatch

E35A Masterbatch

  • Perfect for rigid, high tensile strength SLA, DLP, or jettable 3D printing resins
  • 104-109 Ω/sq resistivity
  • Isotropic ESD performance
  • No carbon trails
  • No need for continuous resin mixing

C-Lite Resin

  • Rigid resin with high-temperature resistance up to 250 ̊ C
  • Isotropic ESD performance at 106 Ω/sq resistivity
  • Printable on SLA, DLP and LCP Additive Manufacturing (AM) printers
  • No carbon trails
  • No need for continuous resin mixing
Mechnano Formula1

Formula1 Resin

  • Rigid resin printable on SLA, DLP, and LCD Additive Manufacturing (AM) printers at 355 – 415 nm. 460 nm option available as well.
  • Isotropic ESD performance at 10Ω/sq resistivity
  • Although MechT only functionalized for ESD, improvements over base resin included: Yield Strength +20%; Young’s Modulus +30%; UTS +8%; Impact +60%
  • No carbon trails
  • No need for continuous resin mixing
  • Click here for more details on Formula1

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