Mechnano’s ESD Resin

Static Electricity is the build-up of an electrical charge on the surface of an object. Electrostatic Discharge occurs when two surfaces touch & electrons move from one object to another. ESD materials prevent discharge from contact due to charges flowing to ground over their surface or volume in a controlled manner. They are specially formulated to minimize the risk of flame or explosion and protecting miniature electronic parts.

Mechnano’s proprietary technology delivers static dissipative properties to 3D-printed parts without compromising mechanical performance.

  • Yield Strength +20%
  • Young’s Modulus +27%
  • UTS +8%
  • Impact +60%
  • No carbon trails
  • Isotropic ESD performance
  • No need for continuous mixing of the resin

Mechnano’s static dissipative AM resins will benefit industries such as defense, transportation, and electronics manufacturing, among others.

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Mechnano ESD resin is now available for shipping and use in existing laser-based, DLP and LCD additive manufacturing equipment. Contact us today for ordering information. We also have opportunities for formulators, and we are happy to discuss.

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