E35B+ Masterbatch

Mechnano’s E35B+ masterbatch, made in Bomar’s BR-952 oligomer, is specifically designed for formulators in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry. The Masterbatch uses Mechnano’s proprietary technology, D’Func™ (Discrete, Dispersed, and Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes) that enables AM resin development with enhanced mechanical and nano-uniform electrical performance.

E35B+ offers 2.5 times higher CNT concentration compared to Mechnano’s original E35A ESD Masterbatch. This new masterbatch delivers excellent results while requiring a smaller quantity in the final resin formula, making it more cost-effective than its predecessor.

It is particularly suitable for the development of SLA, DLP, or jettable 3D printing resins that require rigidity and high tensile strength. With adjustable resistivity ranging from 10⁶-10¹⁰ Ω, E35B+ ensures absence of carbon trails and can be effortlessly incorporated into a formula without the need for high shear mixing.

E35B+ offered by Mechnano makes use of their unique D’Func process. This process is designed to address the issue of clumped and roped carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in materials, ultimately improving their mechanical and electrical performance. By eliminating these clumps and functionalizing CNTs, Mechnano ensures that their masterbatches provide stable CNT dispersions. This is crucial because dispersions of clumped CNTs are known to negatively impact the mechanical properties of materials, leading to inferior part performance.

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E35B+ Masterbatch

2.5X more concentrated than E35B

Perfect for rigid, high tensile strength SLA, DLP, or jettable 3D printing resins

Final resin formulations can be tunable from 102-1011 Ω/sq resistivity

Isotropic, Nano-Uniform ESD performance

No carbon trails

No need for continuous resin mixing