Nanomaterials Scientist

Are you a chemist who wants to make a truly monumental impact by developing groundbreaking technology that will re-write how materials behave in our ever-exciting and ever-changing world of innovation?

Mechnano is focused on developing and delivering innovative, disruptive solutions to the Additive Manufacturing (AM) Materials market through our proprietary nanotechnology. Backed by 120+ patents, our ability to get various types of carbon nanotube into a discrete state and our knowledge on how to oxidize, functionalize, disperse, and bond them into the receiving matrix allows us to take AM materials to the next frontier—materials nano engineered for exponential improvements!

Mechnano is hand picking a team with grit—go getters with a growth mindset who get past every blockade without compromising integrity to help us continue to accomplish what many thought impossible—employing usable CNTs in AM and seeing massive improvements as a result. This role is for our lead CNT Nanoengineer reporting to the CEO. As a problem solver and fast learner, you will dive in and absorb our proprietary process, gain understanding on the types of CNTs that work best in various AM processes and develop a knowledge of the performance enhancements achieved by our array of functionalizations. You will then help us move those learnings to the next level as we take on more and more customer-driven projects as you manage the creation of our reference formulas with our team that will break the barriers currently keeping AM out of the next big commercial applications.

In addition to learning from you, Mechnano is committed to your development to increase your ability to contribute in a big way to our team by growing your knowledge base, giving you an environment where you can stretch yourself, and providing you the tools to make an impact in this exciting space of discrete carbon nanotubes.

If you are a chemist that gets geeked out by AM and who wants the excitement of working at a startup with a fast-paced environment, where YOU will help create the next groundbreaking solutions to move AM into more and more commercial applications—then let’s talk!

Key Responsibilities:

This position covers a broad range of duties, including new dispersions & materials development, new product development, customer interfacing, project management, writing proposals, technology and market analysis, and supervising other employees.

  • Functionalize tubes… a whole lot of them, in a myriad of existing ways and new ways you will help create
  • Lead our material development team as they employ the discrete, functionalized tubes into various types of additive manufacturing materials, resolving technical challenges as they arise.
  • Fundamental understanding of polymer structure-property relationships for leading development roadmap to evaluate new technologies and materials.
  • Serve on multi-disciplinary project teams to collaborate, provide technical input, and deliver results aligned with team deliverables
  • Develop and implement technical solutions through hands-on experimentation / problem-solving of technical issues
  • Work seamlessly with other groups, business partners, and customers to assist in scale-up new technology
  • Push boundaries to develop an understanding of the relationship between process and product performance.
  • Consistently apply the scientific method in the planning and execution of experimental plans and problem solving to resolve scientific concerns.
  • Formulate hypotheses and develop experimental plans to test hypotheses.
  • Demonstrate the appropriate use of statistical tools to solve complex problems.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of technology standards, industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices by attending relevant conferences, networking, and otherwise staying current with existing and available literature.
  • Understand and implement appropriate EH&S standards, policies, and procedures and lead by example in safety behaviors by promoting safe work habits.

Required Qualifications:

  • 5+ years’ experience in organic chemistry, colloid science, coatings and inks formulation, polymeric material science and related fields
  • Strong aptitude for wet chemistry techniques including surface functionalization, polymer synthesis, photochemical reactions, and analytical chemistry
  • Ability to successfully partner with team members and stakeholders from multiple backgrounds.
  • Fundamental knowledge of polymer material science structure-property relationships, polymer rheology, polymer curing, powder coating, thermoplastic extrusion, binder behavious, jetting, etc.
  • A track record of delivering quality technical solutions
  • Ability to work independently and drive projects to completion.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Passionate and knowledgeable about polymer material science and nano particles (CNTs a plus).

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in AM polymer product development
  • Materials testing and characterization experience
  • Industrial experience in nanomaterial process development from laboratory to pilot plant scale.
  • Strong entrepreneurial orientation along with teamwork skills and an absolute commitment to competing with the highest level of integrity.
  • Work that has led to intellectual property
  • Project management experience directing small teams

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